The 30 Most Valuable Consulting Companies February2017

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The 30 Most Valuable Consultant

EWE Consulting Engineers: Unexampled Engineering Solutions

Bar for “Plant Engineering” is set very high. It stands in the need of wide ranging knowledge and experience in process, machinery, codes, control systems and project management. It depends on the client’s considerations and approach to plan and design, and at last it comes to construction.To release the burden of the client when they move on to set up a new project, upgrade the systems or decide to do a process optimisation, EWE Consulting Engineers Pvt. Ltd. comes into action….
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Company Of The Month

Dazeworks: The Best Minds in Salesforce

Imagine a software that can track business development activities of sales people, reports of customer interaction and the effectiveness of marketing initiatives. A software helping to collaborate between employees……

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The 30 Most Valuable Consulting Companies

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